Instructions for use:

The base of your winter sports equipment should be free of wax, otherwise GG cannot penetrate the base.
Please remove any remaining wax, brush it off or use ski wax remover.

If the ski has been treated with fluor wax in the past, a professional deep cleaning is necessary!
Gigaglide and fluor wax do not work together, even if the fluor wax was applied some time ago!

For the best effect:

The ski should be dry before application
Ideally, leave Gigaglide on for >12 hours
(GG also works with less exposure time, but may not be optimal, or GG may not last as long as usual)
No stripping necessary! -> the structure of the ski remains intact!
Ideally, polish lightly with a cotton cloth (not a microfiber cloth!) after drying.
(not absolutely necessary, but it shortens the time until the GG glide effect is activated)