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Gigaglide pro

The basic coating! Top sliding properties paired with the simplest application make the original product an all-rounder among ski coatings. Attach quickly and slide better. PFC free.


GIGAGLIDE - the better wax

Do you want to wax your ski less often? Do you want to glide better and do something good for the environment? Welcome to the world of GigaGlide - the better ski wax for alpine skis, touring skis and Nordic skis. Biodegradable and applied in no time!


Why Gigaglide

What is GigaGlide doing so well?

The fun factor in particular makes the difference with GigaGlide. Thanks to special hydrophobic properties, you glide noticeably better with GigaGlide than with conventional wax. Even on difficult surfaces and under extreme weather conditions. GigaGlide makes the differents!

With a rental ski on the slopes? No problem! In no time at all, you can also make the rented ski your own - the GigaGlide coating is applied in no time and most importantly: it lasts! And measurably longer than conventional wax. 

Our personal favorite: with GigaGlide you can ski down the slopes with a clear conscience, as GigaGlide does not contain any toxic substances and is biodegradable. Winter sports in particular have a negative impact on the environment - we want to keep this pollution as low as possible. 

This is how you apply the wax! 

Fast and easy!