GigaGlide Pro - 100ml

$69.90 USD

Maximum fun on the slopes, minimal effort – for extreme sports athletes, cross-country skiers and snowboards

The basic coating! Top gliding properties paired with the simplest application makes the original product an all-rounder among ski coatings. Attach quickly and glide better.

  • Dirt-repellent in contrast to wax
  • Fast and super easy to use - just like cleaning shoes!
  • Completely replaces wax
  • Biodegradable
  • Suitable for all skis and snowboards (except touring skis and splitboards)
  • Extremely long durability
  • Giga Glide Performance!
  • 12 hours exposure time lasts at least 7 days on the slopes
  • 5 minutes exposure time lasts at least 1 day on the slopes
  • 100 ml are enough for at least 40 pairs of alpine skis, 80 pairs of Cross Country Skis or 20 Snowboards


In order to achieve the best possible penetration depth with GigaGlide PRO,

shake before use and remove the old wax stock
Moisten the entire surface evenly with the integrated sponge
Not suitable for touring skis
Mind the exposure time


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